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Knowledge Base


The Natural Approach
Language and Mind
The Language Instinct
Dear Committee Members
Through the Language Glass

Speech & Presentation

The Art of Speeches and Presentations
Public Speaking Success
A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking
Confessions of a Public Speaker
Speak Up!
Do You Talk Funny?
How to Win Friends & Influence People
Ted Talks
Story: Storytelling for Electrifying Presentations

Conversation & Pragmatics

The Fine Art of Small Talk
How to Win Friends & Influence People
Never Eat Alone
The Social Skills Guidebook
Just Listen
We Need to Talk

Analytics & Statistics

Against the Gods
Numbers Don’t Lie
Naked Statistics
Mining the Social Web
Business Intelligence Tools for Small Companies
Storytelling with Data
How to Lie with Statistics
How the Public Misinterprets Data
Data Science for Business
The Grammar of Graphics
Making Data Visual
What to Consider When Considering Datavis Rules

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